Abi Titmuss Sex Tape

Abi Titmuss Sex Tape Hot as fuck UK telly personality Abi Titmuss shows why her ex John Leslie was thought of a bit of a lucky cunt by half the guys in England while he was still shafting her. The background is that she was still working as a nurse while dating John, who found himself in court on a charge of rape (he was eventually acquitted), and getting her picture in the tabloid press daily.

It emerged that John had a pretty wild sexual life, and a while after, a tape was stolen from his house that featured him and Abi Titmuss in a foursome with a couple they met in a nightclub earlier that night. Abi is filmed sucking cock and eating pussy throughout the Abi Titmuss Sex Tape, which sent the British media into a frenzy on it’s release.

Abi Titmuss Home Sex Tape Abi then went on to become a celebrity in her own right, with her saucy demeanour adding to her already obvious sex appeal, and UK lad’s mags clamouring to have her do photoshoots for them, with the farthest Abi willing to go being some topless shots, and nude but without any view of that by now infamous pussy of hers, which is a shame as it looks pretty inviting as it’s being eaten out by the other lady in the movie quartet 😉

Abi Titmuss Sex Tape Hot on the heels came stints as a TV presenter on a UK pornographic channel, where insiders picked her due to her unabashed confession of adoring sex, with quotes such as “I’m not like those glamour girls who say: ‘I’m really dirty, I’m really bad’, then just pose around. I really am dirty and bad – I love sex. I’ve always been really good with my tongue and it’s very long, girls love it as well!”, and “I’m a whore in the bedroom” securing her the job. In short, she’s one hell of a sexy little bitch, and we just love dirty sluts like her all the more for it 😀

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