Britney Sex Tapes Stolen In Break-In

Britney Blowjob The UK tabloid Daily Star has reports early this morning that Britney Spears LA mansion was targetted by thieves who, amongst other items, made off with the star’s X-rated collection of secret kinky tapes and some of the steamiest pictures ever of Britney. Following from the recent developments concerning a Britney Sex Tape, this is turning out to be a grim week for Britney.

US sources say there is footage of self-confessed bi-sexual Britney in a lesbian romp, though that has yet to be confirmed. Speculation resurfaced that these previously-denied Britney Blowjob Clips are maybe not the hoax originally thought, and that the denials were as a result of insufficient concrete evidence that it was 100% Britney. It’ll be interesting to see if these latest developments include this footage.