Britney Spears Titslip

Britney Spears Nipple Slip

She’s at it again, the woman who boosted the whole celebrity porn thing, ‘accidentally’ allowing her dress to fall down to reveal a nipple to crowds outside a Hollywood nightclub.

Not content with Flashing Her Bald Pussy In Public, the former princess of pop has gone on to show off her peanut smuggling skills in many a see through or thin top, and this is the latest instance of showing her exposed nipples in public.

Love her or loathe her, you can’t knock her for having an exhibitionistic streak, for many women it’s a great turn-on, and judging by her escapades it seems Britney is certainly in that group.

Who can forget the furore over the is it or isn’t it Britney Spears Blowjob Movie that had the celebrity gossip world buzzing as to whether her denials were simply a smokescreen to divert attention from the fact that indeed, she had taken her exhibitionistic streak a step up 😀

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