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Keeley Hazell Nude Well now, after the furore from Keeley Hazell and how the Keeley Hazell Sex Tape was such a horrid thing to happen to her, we were amused to learn that there is a hollywood film in the making, bringing the world’s most popular TV show Baywatch (src. Guiness Book Of Records) to the big screen.

Keeley Hazell Topless Who is up for a leading role? Yep, you guessed it, one Miss Keeley Hazell…
According to the same British newspaper that reported the celebrity porn tales of anguish casued by the Keeley Hazell Sex Tape, “Keeley, 20, has been scouted by Hollywood film producers planning to bring the world’s most watched telly programme to the big screen.”

Good news for Americans, who now get to check out one of the hottest girls ever to come out of the UK, and surely a contender for the title of Best Natural Tits On The Planet. Ok, well she would be if there was actually an award of that name 😉

Keeley Hazell Keeley Hazell Keeley Hazell

Maybe we’re a little too cynical over here, and Keeley did sound genuinely upset, but we can’t help thinking that this celebrity porn Keeley Sex Tape is going to help raise her profile stateside. We certainly hope so, with that body, those cocksucking skills, and an accent that makes your dick twitch every time she says the word cock, she deserves to be seen a lot more of. If that’s possible after this tape 😉

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