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Keeley Hazell Sex Tape Banned

(Except for At This Celebrity Sex Tape Site 😉 )

Well, if you didn’t get it you can kick yourself right now, because the Keeley Hazell Sex Tape is now BANNED!

The famous Page 3 model who sports a truly impressive rack-to-waist ratio, and busts the tape at an all natural 32E said on October 21st, 2006: “I’m used to baring all and I enjoy it. I’m comfortable with nudity, none of us was born fully clothed so why should I be?”. Seems she is not as comfortable going down the route of previous celebrities who have been the victims of sex tapes and raunchy pics making their way on to the internet, such as Tara Reid nude, Britney Spears pussy, and Lindsay Lohan nude, and has managed to get the Keeley Hazell sex tape shut down.

Or has she? It would appear that the original source is located in the UK, but it may be harder to stop foreign sites offering the uncensored movie. We can only hope that Keeley manages to get a court order to prevent the tape being available anywhere before too long, to spare her blushes. Consent to a home sex tape being released is one thing, but to have it sold off by an ex-boyfriend without your knowledge is a bit underhand 🙁

Keeley, get your lawyer on this guy, he is still allowing downloads of the Banned Keeley Sex Tape

keeley hazell sextape

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