Montana Exposed Sextape

Montana Fishburne Exposed

Her dad Laurence Fishburne starred in Boyz in the Hood, The Matrix trilogy, Mission Impossible III, Fantastic 4, and countless other Hollywood box office smashes, and now his 19 year old daughter Montana, who goes by the rap name of Chippy D, has decided that the way to global fame is to make a sex tape!

Laurence tried to buy the hardcore sex tape to prevent it hitting the internet, but Montana urged the company behind the movie to reject his $1m offer, saying she not only enjoyed filming the explicit, nothing barred movie, but was proud of both it and her body (we have to agree with her on both counts there!).

We can’t republish the hardcore stills that show Monta sucking on an extremely large cock, and getting fucked in all positions before getting sprayed with cum, but the publishers have agreed to let us post these less graphic images, also taken from the beginning of the Montana Fishburne sextape because we asked them nicely, and frankly, she has a body too good not to share 😀

Laurence is STILL trying to force the company to withdraw the video, allegedly seeking legal advice, so it may well be that the sex tape gets withdrawn, but until such time, we highly recommend watching Montana Fishburne fucking and sucking like a porn queen, in fact here’s what the company’s top man had to say about Montana’s sex performance in front of the camera:

Montana was so wild that it was hard to believe this was her first sexual performance in front of the camera – she was that uninhibited

Sex in a moving vehicle, public nudity in a mall, and hardcore sex acts in the Montana Fishburne sextape prove that indeed, Montana is a wild one 😉

All pics taken from The Official Montana Exposed Site – many thanks to them for allowing us to re-post these softcore samples here.

Montana Fishburne Sextape

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