New Britney Sex Tape

Hold on to your dicks’s folks, because we’ve just learned of an explosive new Britney Spears sex tape that is currently being offered to the highest bidder. The word from inside the adult industry is that this sex tape makes the infamous Paris Hilton Sex Tape look positively tame. The seller, an unnamed 28 year old, says Britney holds NOTHING back, as she was unaware the sex session was being filmed. The sex tape was made in a Hawaiin holiday villa, and is reported to be spicier than any professionally shot adult movie.

Experts say the video once released will send the internet into ‘meltdown’, with millions simultaneously downloading the tape, as happened when the last reported Britney Blowjob hit our monitors.

One adult-movie industry boss, who’s eager to buy the film, said: “I’ve been told it’s dynamite stuff. We’ve had the Britney Upskirt Pics, and topless with another girl, but from what I’ve heard we haven’t seen anything yet. It’s Britney exposed like we’ve never seen her before.”

The seller has stated he WILL sell to the highest bidder, so at last, it seems, the world is going to watch Britney fucking 😉 If you want to be notified by email as soon as it hits the web, fill in your email address in the box here at the top of this page – don’t let this one get banned (and it surely will) before you have a chance to get your copy!