Shauna Sand Sextape

Shauna Sand’s Sex Tape

Yup, it’s been confirmed that a Shauna Sand Sex Tape exists, and is due to hit an internet monitor near you in the next few days 😀 The former Playboy Playmate filmed the naughty sextape with her boyfriend, who has now kindly decided to sell it to an internet porn company, with the full tape available within days. We’ve been lucky enough to see some preview footage of the home tape, and have to say, it looks like her boyfriend knew he was going to then sell it on, such is the quality of the entire video.

While a nude model, Shauna has never posed for any x-rated shots, and is insisting the company, who we aren’t naming here for legal reasons, shelve plans to release the Shauna Sand sextape. Fully lawyered up, Shauna has gone into attack mode, but sadly for her – but not the rest of us 😉 – going by previous cases she is fighting a losing battle. This should mean we get to watch Shauna in action, in scenes that include fellatio, cunnilingus, toy play with a pretty large pink vibrator, and of course, fucking 😀

In the meantime, here are Shauna’s boobs, and a cheeky glimpse at her snatch just for good measure…

Shauna Sand Nude