Sienna Miller Nude Full Frontal

Sienna Miller Nude Full Frontal Hot on the heels of the last bunch of leaked nude pics from the set of her new film ‘Hippy Hippy Shake’ (You can view those at Sienna Miller Nude) comes a couple of full frontal nude shots, again taken on the film set. There is an array of male actors also naked, which we have decided not to publish, you’ll be glad to hear 😉

Apparently Sienna was mighty pissed with the last leak, threatening to blow off other nude scenes: ‘A source said: “Sienna was really hurt. She took some persuading to do the scenes and spent most of the day in her dressing gown building up to it. She is reluctant to do the rest of her nude scenes.”

Hmm. She’s gonna go apeshit when she wakes up today then 😀 Here are the pics:

Pic #1 Pic #2