aisleyne horgan wallace nude bonanza

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Nude & Upskirt Bonanza

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace, of UK Big Brother reality TV show is a girl who enjoys a drunken night out or several, and luckily for us, she usually has the flimsiest of clothing on at the time.

At her recent book launch (yes, really), she managed to pop a nipple out for the camera at a swanky store, and later on managed yet another bit of celebrity skin exposure by wearing a jacket and very little underneath it. Well, fuck all underneath it, to be precise.

With big tits, a love of booze, and an attitude that screams I Don’t Give A Fuck, Aisleyne is the type of girl that not every guy can handle, but almost every guy wants to bend over and slam the living shit out of. And she looks like she wants you to do it, too. Here we celebrate with a nude and upskirt bonanza from the madcap Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace and her nudity escapades.

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Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Nude In Public

Maybe nude is too strong a word here, but she certainly went part nude by baring her boobs whenever there was a photographer within 500 yards.

aisleyne horgan wallace tit slip in public
aisleyne horgan wallace tit slip in public

She made herself famous on UK Big Brother (you can see the shit ton of Big Brother nude pics at that link), and was a firm favorite of the paparazzi who knew that if she was out clubbing or partying, the odds were pretty damn high she’d provide a nippleslip, tit slip, upskirt, or just plain old whip out her funbags for some tit flashing fun and games. Here’s an example of Aisleyne’s public tit flashing for appreciative onlookers and paparazzi. Honestly, she seems like a night out with her would be a riot of laughs. Pretty brazen to put it mildly, as she opens up her top to expose a fine pair of breasts indeed.

aisleyne horgan wallace flashing tits in public

You might not want to take her home to meet your mom, but you’d definitely brag about taking her home to your buddies. Check out our collection of this flesh baring party girl turned UK lads mag model who has no problem getting nude and giving us what we want. I mean there’s accidental tit slips and nip slips, but nobody is this unlucky. Who *is* lucky though, is us! Thanks to Aisleyne’s propensity for those ‘oh have my tits fallen out of my top again’ moments, she makes a night out look like a European beach. If there’s one gift God gave the world, it’s women who use a night out to flash their tits. Lord only knows what Aisleyne would get up to at Mardi Gras! Safe to say she’d likely win every set of beads going.

aisleyne horgan wallace tit slip blue jacket

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aislene nipslip 001

aislene nipslip 002

aislene nipslip 003

aislene nipslip 004

aislene wallace nipslip 0011

aislene wallace nipslip 002

aislene wallace nipslip 003

aislene wallace nipslip 004

aislene horgan wallace nipslip 001

aislene horgan wallace nipslip 002

aislene horgan wallace nipslip 003

aislene horgan wallace nipslip 004

aislene horgan wallace titslip 001

aislene horgan wallace titslip 002

aislene horgan wallace titslip 003

aislene horgan wallace titslip 004

She was even the target of snappers abroad and was caught sunbathing nude on vacation.

aisleyne horgan wallace nude sunbathing

Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace Upskirts

On top of her public tit flashing exploits, Aisleyne upped the ante to garner more publicity when things started to die down. Ever the canny self-publicist, Wallace took to going out commando and ‘accidentally’ showing her pussy in tiny skirts and dresses. Observe!

aisleyne horgan wallace upskirt pussy lips closeup

aisleyne horgan wallace upskirt pussy lips

How about a perfect front facing view of Aisleyne’s pussy lips meat to whet your whistles:

aisleyne horgan wallace upskirt pussy

And a view of her very trimmed Brazilian pussy hairstyle:

aisleyne horgan wallace pussy upskirt

Aisleyne certainly doesn’t disappoint! If only all celebrities got as nude as she did at the height of her fame. With any luck she’ll find a career in mentoring aspiring fame-claimers, and point them in the same direction she took.

over 18 only

So there we have it. She was only a fairly big celebrity for a few years before fading back into the general public, but make no mistake Aisleyne was ALL over the UK tabloids for a damn decent run. They are a lot more relaxed about nudity over there on that side of The Pond, so even people who never watched the shows she was in knew who she was. And had seen her tits of course. Not a bad way to gain fame to be honest – get your tits out on TV, do some nude shoots for what they call ‘Lads Mags’ in the UK, and make money while the sun shines. Good for Aisleyene, and good for us celebrity nude fans!