Allison Williams Sex Tape

Allison Williams Sex Tape Dirty TV newsreader Allison Williams hooked up with a cameraman in of all places, the back of the TV news truck she was working from. Seems she wanted to while away an afternoon, so slipped off her clothes, slipped in a vibrator, and got the cameraman to slip his dick into her mouth so she could frig herself with her toy while she sucked his cock like a woman possessed.

Needless to say, once her bosses at WVEC saw the tape, they fired her instantly, and removed all records of her ever having worked for the company. Wow, talk about hard-asses! Anyhow, CNN weren’t about to miss this chance to get one over a rival, and milked the story for all it was worth. We have to say, she is quite the sexual animal, and looks like she is having the time of her life in the back of the truck with the cameraman dude 😀

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