Amy Fisher Sex Tape

Amy Fisher Amy Fisher, the notorious ‘Long Island Lolita’ who after fucking her lover Joey Buttafuoco for 7 years but couldn’t get him to leave his wife, so decided to take matters into her own hands and shot her at point blank range, has had a home sex tape bought ready for distribution on the web.

Amy Fisher Fucking The extremely explicit home tape features Amy Fisher and Lou Bellera, Amy’s husband at the time. Explosive scenes of sucking, fucking, and graphic sex talk from Amy “releases her inner porn star”, and the site’s owner has this to say about the Amy Fisher Sex Tape:

“This is the best sex tape made by someone high profile. The quality is high, and it’s super graphic. It’s intensely hardcore for a mainstream audience.”

When asked about his thought’s on Amy, Joey Buttafuoco, the victim’s husband, has this to say: I remember it like it was yesterday… she was crazy back then, but boy could she suck and fuck!

Seems we’re all going to see Amy do exactly that in quality detail, thanks to Amy Fisher Home Tape 😉

Added: Amy is now doing camsex shows (yes, really!!!) – check out the unbelievable Amy Fisher sexcam – you won’t believe your fucking eyes! 😀