Amy Winehouse Topless

Amy Winehouse Topless A nice change here, it’s Amy Winehouse topless, and looking pretty good for it too. I always thought it was just those push-up bras she wore that gave her the appearance of a nice pair of tits, but, she has actually got a pretty decent rack on her, as the pic of her cavorting in the sea while on vacation shows.

A far cry from her usual look, which is normally a variation of the famous I-look-like-a-bag-of-dog-shit, onlookers say Amy looked in good health, and seemed not to have a care in the world as she whipped off her bikini top for a spot of topless sea frolicking. We still aren’t entirely convinced about that weird looking face though, good job her tits are there for us to have a good gawp at to take our minds off it 😀