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Bob Geldof’s Daughter Peaches Caught Topless

Peaches Geldof Topless Ah, to be a crazy, fucked up, wild-child daughter of a globally renowned pop star, one who has been knighted by the British Empire no less, for his humanitarian services, and organisation of the planet’s largest ever charity concert, staged in both England and the USA (Live Aid).

Here’s the bizarrely named Peaches Geldof caught parading around with her tits out in a South American resort, fresh on the heels of her divorce from the lengthy 186 day marriage for which she hit the headlines erm.. 6 months ago. Tramp stamped with 20 or so tattoos, the 19 year old cavorted without a care in the world, aware that all and sundry were looking at her exposed boobs, but apparently not caring that they were seeing her topless. And they say the Brits are a restrained bunch?

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