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Danielle Lloyd Big Brother

Sexy UK Big Brother contestant Danielle Lloyd has been parading in a video clip in which she tells the camera “I’m Danielle Lloyd from Liverpool. I’m 22 and I think you should make me Miss Maxim because I’m sexy, fun and I love to turn men on.”

The owner of a truly cracking figure with a great ass on her for good measure, she is (or was) Miss England 2006, getting sacked after it was discovered she did nude pics for a magazine. Currently the squeeze of a UK footballer, which is about her fourth footballing boyfriend, Danielle Lloyd is in the current series of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK.

She goes on to describe how her naughtiest secret is that she enjoys going commando – for anyone who amazingly isn’t familiar with the term and has been living under a rock for the past 20 years or so since the phrase became popular, it means going out without any panties on 🙂

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No doubt it won’t be long before she gets her kit off inside the house, just like previous Naked Big Brother Contestants. Will Danielle Lloyd win Celebrity Big Brother? Who knows. Who cares. All we are concerned about is seeing those awesome tits spilling onto our TV screens 😉

Well I’ve run out of things to write about the delectable Danielle Lloyd and her Big Brother adventures – only just started and all that… Anyhow here’s a gratuitous shot of her peach, and for the current stash of naked Big Brother contestants from the UK, USA, Australia and Europe, with the uncut full sex scenes (yeah that’s on screen fucking – gotta love those Europeans!) available for download, AND the leaked nudes along with the Danielle Lloyd sex tape then ya gotta visit This Page To View Them!

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