Jimi Hendrix Celebrity Sex Tape

Jimi Hendrix Celebrity Sex Tape Celebrity sex tape fun once again with the Jimi Hendrix Sex Tape the subject, and some clips from the home sex tape, which features Jimi and two groupies, celebrities in their own right at the time for being, well, groupies, online showing them sharing his cock – the voiceover incidentally by Cynthia ‘plaster cast’, who famously made a mould of Jimi’s cock from plaster of paris.

According to Cynthia, Jimi was a great lover of making home sex tapes, and in this particular offering, it’s clear a 4th person is doing the filming, as when Jimi cums inside the groupie on top of him, the camera zooms in to show the spunk oozing out of her cunt as she carries on riding, squeezing every drop out. Delightfully filthy 😛