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Katarina Witt Nude

Katarina Witt Nude Olympic ice-skater Katarina Witt hails from what was known as East Germany, so it’s a bit of a surprise she doesn’t look like a man. She’s actually very hot, and unlike a lot of female athletes has a pretty decent pair of tits on her. Way back in 1998 she posed nude and showed off her near perfect body of which she was ‘proud’. Who fucking wouldn’t be.

Apparantly Katarina was a bit of a shit-hot skater, being the second woman ever to retain her Olympic title in two Games running, but we’re much more concerned with her big heavy tits and neatly trimmed pussy than the boring achievements she became famous for in the first place. Well, who fucking wouldn’t be 😉

Fitting firmly into the category of Celebrities Nude & Sexy, Katarina may be ‘just’ a sportswoman, but it’s not all just actresses and singers who qualify for being nude celebrities! A lot of the younger generation probably haven’t heard of her, but my dad reckons it was Katarina that made the Olympics worth watching back in 1956 or whenever it was he caught her ice skating routine. Here she is in various forms of glory, and there is no doubt about it, she has one hell of a naked body on her!

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