Katy Perry Upskirts and Nipple Slips

Katy Perry upskirts herself live on stage, and as if the gods of celebrity nudity have stepped in, manages to give us some nipple slips into the bargain for a double-whammy. The UK singer has hit the headlines recently due to some sort of usual celeb nonsense-spouting (will celebrities ever learn that their views on vegetables or whatever the fuck they go on about are of no interest to us? Show the skin and be done – thanks…), but we prefer this type of headline-grabbing occurence.

Seems Katy has quite the big pair of tits on her, you can see she is struggling to pop that right nipple back in place in the 3rd pic, and succeeds in giving us all a glimpse of her left nipple as well. Gotta love the stars who insist the show must go on. Well, either that, or she couldn’t put the mic down in case she got exposed for miming or something. Either way, we say it’s all pretty damn good 😉

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Katy Perry Upskirt

Katy Perry Nipslip

Katy Perry Nipple Slip