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Olesya Rulin is Sexy and Foxy – Fact!

35 year old (at the time of writing) Moscow milf Olesya Rulin has been in some pretty crappy films, though she has made up for it by appearing in TV shows such as CSI Miami, NCIS, and NCIS Los Angeles. A little known factoid about Olesya is she also did a voiceover for once funny show Family Guy. But what we are more concerned about is her looks and body, because acting may be great, but tits and ass are even better.

olesya rulin sexy foxy

Here’s Olesya on her way to a penis she has just seen (probably), and she looks mighty pleased with what’s in store for her. It’s either a cock, or a cake of some sort, anyway. Maybe neither – who knows in the crazy world of Hollywood where actresses take of their clothes and convince themselves that ‘the role required it’. Of course it did 🙄

The good news for us is that Olesya is another name on the long list of celebrities nude in the name of ‘art’ (seriously, why can’t at least some of them be honest and admit they either don’t mind letting people see them naked, or at least that the on screen nudity they just performed is entirely gratuitous?) – such martyr’s to ‘The Craft’ as they refer to it lol.

The even better news is that you can see Olesya Rulin Nude Here as she strips off to show us her small but very nice boobs, shows off her braless pokies, and parades around in a thong with a sheer back that flaunts her ass crack. And good for her! Well, her, but mostly us of course.

Olesya also has a penchant for wearing revealing outfits when clubbing (a hobby of hers), and we aren’t sure if she uses tit tape to keep her puppies from popping out, but our money is on yes, she more than likely does. It’s almost as much of a fashion accessory these days as having a clean shaven pussy.