amy adams nude

Amy Adams Nude

Surprisingly Amy Adams isn’t as well known as she deserves to be. Once you see her, you know who she is, but her name isn’t as ‘out there’ in the public as much as I think she deserves. She played the princess in Enchanted and when I saw that movie I was like fuck, this chick is smoking hot, and thanks to Amy Adams + Friends Fully Nude we all get to see a whole lot more of her 😀

She also played the pilot lady whassername in Night at the Museum 2 (I think it was the sequel, anyway), and the director of that needs a slap, as he didn’t have her looking anywhere near her best, until right at the end. But hey ho, I’ve started to waffle on, so take a look at the new site, which takes it’s pictures from the wonderfully x-rated resource that celebrities love to hate, and which you can see a glimpse of the home sextapes they have (they also have literally thousands of nude celebs) by clicking here to see them naked and VERY naughty 😉