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Rihanna Nude

Good news for fans of the hot songstress who has a penchant for raunchy outfits, see through clothing, nipple rings, texting pussy pics to her boyfriends, and giving concert-goers a flash of her pussy lips, even if it *was* accidental 😀

Celebrity Porn and Nudes has all those pics posted for posterity, which are so good they made my cock twitch at the thought of her taking a gooey facial – something that of course our other favorite celebrities have done for real, and thanks to their general dumbishness, we’ve witnessed thanks to sleazy hollywood pornsites. But are we complaining – fuck no!

Good idea from her marketing team btw to name one of ‘her’ fragrances ‘Rihanna Nude’ – there are a LOT of searches for that phrase, and a lot of disappointed guys who see her perfume staring back at them when they type it into google and the likes. Speaking of which, did you know Rihanna is now a billionaire? See here: https://celebmeat.com/serial-nude-celeb-rihanna-officially-billionaire/