Anne Hathaway Nude

Anne Hathaway Nude There’s something about Anne Hathaway that I can’t quite put my finger in on. You know what I’m talking about, she is one of those women who just ‘has it’ – whatever ‘it’ might be. She loves wearing a revealing outfit or two, as this site showcased in This Post, and she looks even better fully nude.

In her first ‘adult’ film role, after her previous TV appearances and films made towards the younger generation of movie viewers, she surprised the critics by appearing in quite a few nude and sexual scenes, including masturbating with her left tit popped out as her boyfriend filmed it.

There are the movie clips, well, a few of them, at this page: Anne Hathaway Nude, which are taken from the members area of THIS SITE, where, surprisingly, she is only ranked 47th in the celebrity list, though to be fair she is competing with the likes of some pretty hardcore celebrity sex tapes and the like.

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