sienna miller nipslip

Sienna Miller Nipslip

US born, but ‘English’ actress Sienna Miller treats us to a nipslip thanks to this cheeky blue dress which is cut in just the right place for a peek at her tit as she gives another case of celebrity accidental nudity. Not blessed with the largest set of chest puppies in the world, she makes up for it by wearing cheeky outfits that allow us to have a sneaky look.

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sienna miller nip slip blue dress

sienna miller nude for over 18s only

sienna miller nipslip blue dress

In case you didn’t already know, Sienna’s ex is handsome (but he doesn’t like to be called it) Brit actor Jude Law, and she actually was in a relationship with him twice, alas they couldn’t quite make it work. It was Jude that Sienna was with at the time of these particular nipslip pictures (though she has other form for the old nipple flashing!).

sienna miller nipple slip blue dress

sienna miller nude for over 18s only

We aren’t sure of the exact event, whether this was an awards ceremony, or just a celebrity party type thing, but Sienna definitely stole the show in this number that was practically an invite for her tits to be on view. The cynical might say that was the plan all along, after all, celebrities want to make the headlines and keep themselves in the limelight. But knowing Jude’s penchant for being less publicity and headline oriented, it’s likely she just felt a bit carefree and no doubt sexy in this ensemble. And good on her for it!