Bianca Gascoigne Topless

Former UK soccer maestro Paul Gascoigne’s stepdaughter recently appeared on TV’s Love Island looking for ‘romance’ (yeah right…) and here she shows off her perky tits as she goes topless on her vacation (holiday!).

Bianca Gascoigne Topless Topless Bianca Gascoigne Bianca Gascoigne Tits

Obviously not shy in the if-you’ve-got-it-flaunt-it department, Bianca Gascoigne (yeah she took her famous stepfather’s name as her own, what a surprise…) topless is actually a pretty nice sight to look at. I can’t work out if she’s had a tit job or not, even after looking at the Full Size Pics at the quite frankly, obscene, Paparazzi Exposed.

Bianca Gascoigne Nipples Bianca Gascoigne Breasts

By the way she raises her arms and thrusts out her tits, it’s pretty obvious that she WANTS people to see Bianca Gascoigne topless, and thus joins our list of professional accidental-flashers, a.k.a attention whores. Though to be fair, we fucking love ’em 😉