Cameron Diaz Topless

Cameron Diaz Topless Now worth an estimated $50 MEELLION dollars, life wasn’t always as cushy for A-lister Cameron Diaz. Before hitting the big time she was a model with aspirations of becoming an actress, and as such found herself appearing in a saucy promo video. Once the actual scene was shot, and the production crew relaxed with a drink and a smoke, fun-loving Cameron remained topless and treated the gang to a display of pouring drink over her own nipples, bouncing her boobs, and a nonchalance of knowing all eyes were watching Cameron Diaz Topless Tits. These pics show the screenshots, plus some nipple slips, pokies, and topless beach shots. The pics and movie (the full length topless promo vid is also inside!) come from the acclaimed SITE HERE. Enjoy Cameron Diaz topless. We sure did 😉