Britney Spears Cleavage Sexy

Britney Spears Sex Tape

Britney Spears Sex Tape

A story about pop superstar Britney Spears’ estranged husband Kevin Federline’s attempts to sell what could be an explosive home sex movie of the couple engaging in manual, oral, and full sex. Quoted as saying that an offer has already been made for the celebrity sex tape to the tune of a staggering £26 Million, which at today’s exchange rate is a mind boggling $49,743,662.27.

The alleged Britney home sex tape is reported by the paper as being shot while the couple were on their honeymoon period at the beginning of their relationship 2 years ago. The paper further alleges that Kevin is seeking a large payout from Britney in return for holding the tape instead of releasing it, in a move that most other countries would consider blackmail.

If the reported ‘company in Arizona’ is successful in it’s bid to buy the alleged home celebrity sex tape, Britney could well see herself alongside Paris Hilton and a host of other celebrities that have found their most intimate and private moments ready for download over the internet in various celebrity porn scenes. Worldwide media put the paper’s report firmly in the spotlight yesterday, speculating further as to the existence of the britney home sex tape, and causing chatrooms and websites to be full of talk about the possibility of watching Britney having sex.

In what may be a pre-meditated move by the alleged ‘company in Arizona’, a video has been circulating containing scenes of oral sex, said to be Britney Spears, which is posted below. This makes one wonder if it has been shot and shared via a popular video sharing site as part of a marketing maneuvre should such a tape be proved to exist, and generate a glut of eager porn surfers keen to watch Britney having sex and performing sex acts. We shall see how this sensational development in Britney’s recently-troubled career pans out over the course of the next few weeks…

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Britney Spears Sextape Stolen In Break-In

Britney Blowjob The UK tabloid Daily Star has reports early this morning that Britney Spears LA mansion was targetted by thieves who, amongst other items, made off with the star’s X-rated collection of secret kinky tapes and some of the steamiest pictures ever of Britney. Following from the recent developments concerning a Britney Sextape, this is turning out to be a grim week for Britney.

US sources say there is footage of self-confessed bi-sexual Britney in a lesbian romp, though that has yet to be confirmed. Speculation resurfaced that these previously-denied Britney Blowjob Clips are maybe not the hoax originally thought, and that the denials were as a result of insufficient concrete evidence that it was 100% Britney. It’ll be interesting to see if these latest developments include this footage.

New Britney Sex Tape

Hold on to your dicks folks, because we’ve just learned of an explosive new Britney Spears sex tape that is currently being offered to the highest bidder. The word from inside the adult industry is that this sex tape makes the infamous Paris Hilton Sex Tape look positively tame. The seller, an unnamed 28 year old, says Britney holds NOTHING back, as she was unaware the sex session was being filmed. The sex tape was made in a Hawaiin holiday villa, and is reported to be spicier than any professionally shot adult movie.

Experts say the video once released will send the internet into ‘meltdown’, with millions simultaneously downloading the tape, as happened when the last reported Britney Blowjob hit our monitors.

One adult-movie industry boss, who is eager to buy the film, said: “I hve been told it is dynamite stuff. We have had the Britney Upskirt Pics, and topless with another girl, but from what I have heard we have not seen anything yet. It is Britney exposed like we have never seen her before.”

The seller has stated he WILL sell to the highest bidder, so at last, it seems, the world is going to watch Britney fucking.