Posh Spice Topless

Victoria Beckham Nipples [Topless Pictures]

Victoria Beckham Nipples Victoria Beckham’s tits are almost, if not as, famous as Victoria Beckham (aka Posh Spice, from the band she used to be in, The Spice Girls) these days, and she is always good value for some sneaky celebrity porn fun. With a penchant for wearing a bra in only those circumstances where it can be photographed as part of an outfit, the delightful wife of UK and USA soccer hero David Beckham seems to thrive on showing her peanut smuggling skills, as she exhibits her tits and pokies seemingly at every photo opportunity going, which is a lot. Closet exhibitionist? We think so, and love her all the more for it!

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Victoria Beckham See Through Even the most mundane of shopping expeditions turn into a chance for Mrs. Beckham to flaunt her coat-hangers at the waiting paparazzi guys, it’s as if she carefully selected this cheeky black top, got hubby Dave to take a pic with the flash on, and said ok, let’s go to work on these guys…

Apparently she has had a boob-job, so it’s only natural to want as many people to see what you have we guess 😉 Well, that, or she has a thing for the scene from whichever Austin Powers movie it was where all the girls nipples turned into guns or something. One thing’s for sure – she keeps getting ‘caught’ braless, nipples-at-attention, and just carries right on doing it, so surely loves the thought of thousands of guys around the world pulling out their cocks and cranking one out while staring at her tits. Gotta love celebrities and their attention-seeking personalities 😛

Victoria Beckham Nude The closest she has ever come to doing a proper nude shoot is the time she got her kit off, and showed her funbags and smooth shaven moneybox to some gay photographer guys for a ‘charidee shoot’ which was the brainchild of the alleged extravagant egomaniac, Sir Elton John (a British singer).

We aren’t entirely sure what the charidee event was, but with Victoria ready to drop her clothes at a moment’s notice, it must have at least been a real one. Oh to be the make-up guy that had the pleasure (which he probably didn’t even appreciate!) of powdering Posh Spice’s tightly toned ass cheeks 😀

Victoria Beckham Topless Luckily for us admirers of exhibitionistic celebrities, an eagle eyed public servant, also known as ‘paparazzi stalker’ was on hand to capture a rocking set of pics of Victoria Beckham with her boobs out for all to admire and enjoy, in our own special way, including this lovely Victoria Beckham topless pic. Done pre-boob job, they look pretty nice as is, and the accompany pics of her doing some sort of topless aerobics excercises, showing off her perfect pins is quite the set of uh… ‘enjoyable’ pics 😉

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