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Wahey! Not content with giving us all a peek of her trimmed pussy in see through panties, here’s the latest skin-flashing escapade of the Harry Potter star. We get a great eyeful of Emma Watson nudes, upskirts, and nipple slips. And quite the always erect nipples Emma has too. Anyone else reckon she has caught the flashing bug, and gets off on knowing her naughty bits can be seen?

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Emma Watson Boobs Emma Watson hits the headlines again, though this time it’s less about the new Harry Potter film, and more about the new big tits she has grown! At the Harry Potter premiere in London, Emma gave us a side peek at her big left boob. Miss Watson also managed to somehow snag her fingers on her dress causing it to open right up and reveal her panties 😛

She then went on to the Letterman show and gave us yet another upskirt thanks to the transparent area of her tight fitting dress as she sat down. Add all those to the sensational see through panties she wore on her 18th birthday showing off her bush and it’s easy to see why Emma has become the new darling of celebrity porn fans the world over 😉

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Emma Watson Upskirt Pics Star of the Harry Potter films Emma Watson recently celebrated her 18th birthday. While out on the town just 4 days after the big day, she was snapped in a pair of revealing see through panties which flashed her perfect bush as she sat waiting in a limo.

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Whether you dig her movies or not, there’s no denying Emma Watson is a foxy little slut, and what better way to announce your 18th birthday to the world than by putting on your skimpiest totally see through panties. Oh, and then giving the paparazzi a clear upskirt shot or several!

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Emma has yet to do any nude scenes which is a damn shame. For now we’ll have to make do with her various tit slips, nip slips, and upskirts. She also has out of this world legs that she seems to be very rightfully proud of. Emma is often in tiny dresses, miniskirts, and daisy duke shorts. Those are usually with high heel stilettos, Emma seems very fond of those too. There’s a superb collection of celebrity sexiest legs with Emma looking outstanding (truly – take a look at the link!) showing off her marvellous pins.