Kim Kardashian Sextape

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape – The Sequel

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape
Kim Kardashian Tape
Kardashian Sex Tape

Tv presenter, best friend of Paris Hilton, and mega celeb Kim Kardashian continues her unwitting journey as the star of her own home sex movies with the follow up to her original home sex tape released today, which shows a further 100 uncut minutes of her doing the nasty stuff.

Far from hurting Kim’s career, it seems to have, if anything, given her a jump-start. Before the original tape she was really only known for having a famous Dad (her Father was OJ Simpsons lawyer in the of-course-he-didn’t-kill-her murder trial some years back), and being close buddies with, in what is one of those quirks of fate, fellow home tape star Paris Hilton.

Get your filthy mitts on the Kim Kardashian Sextape, and build up your personal collection of Kim Kardashian sucking and fucking 😉